You made a decision.

Did you decide on A or B?  Or maybe “C”.  And now that you made the decision to choose “B”, are you second guessing yourself? Does your self-talk sound like this?

 Should I have chosen “A”, what about “C”.   Oh, and maybe there is a “D” option.  Know the spin.  Did I make the right decision?  What if I didn’t?  What if I did?  What if? 

Making a decision is easier for some than others.  However all of us go thru the same thoughts (and doubts) about our decisions. A decision is reaching a conclusion or resolution after consideration of the many variables that play a role in whatever you are making a decision about.

Some people are more comfortable in making decisions, and are called “Decisive” and seem to not go through all the extra thinking and rethinking that others do.  However, decisive people do go through a similar process though it can be so fleeting even they are not aware of it.  They have mastered the process which I call the “SPIN” or “The Doubt loop”.

The more “decisive” person appears to not necessarily spend much time in this loop or has learned to run through it quickly, clearing up any open concerns and moving forward.

Here is how it goes: you make a decision and within seconds or quickly thereafter:

  • Decision
  • 2nd guessingDid I include all the right information? Did I think about this the right way? Are there other things to consider?
  • Fear and self judgement – “What if I made the wrong decision”? What if I miss out on XYZ? What if… – What if I am wrong? What if I didn’t make the right decision? What if I make another bad decision like the …………..?
  • Projecting – Bringing in all the “not so good stories” you have heard from others and making them true for you in the moment.
  • Overwhelm – all of the fear, blame and projection from #2-#4 amass into overwhelm and can be paralyzing
  • Undoing the decision, or worse – not changing the decision and passively hoping everything works out while worrying and fretting underneath.

This cycle (and recycle) can last as long as you let it last.

What is important is knowing this is the process your mind takes your through so you can grow in your understanding, comfortability and confidence in making and sticking to a decision.

We tend to forget most everything is fixable and can be undone and there are as many choices and opportunities to make choices as there are stars in the sky.

To get more comfortable in making a decision, or to better understand what is keeping you in the indecision loop,  self-doubt or procrastination – reach out to me (here) for a no obligation no pressure no worry discussion.

And don’t second guess this opportunity!!!  *wink*

Make the decision to reach out – you will be happy you did.

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