Do you awake to over 100 email in your inbox?

Does your heart skip a beat when you hear the chime of yet another email? Or do you feel a sense of dread and hear strains of some “looming” music in your head?

I know I do.

Do you find you spend hours just getting thru all the latest offers, freebies, special deals, one time only, buy it today, get it now opportunities? And that is only your personal email.

And if you are a business owner, entrepreneur or professional you have more than one email account – so double or triple the impact of overflowing emails inboxes.

So, let me share with you a bit of why online marketers send you so many emails.

Ever hear of the phrase “sales funnel”? Marketing and consumer research shows it takes at least 7 contacts to really get your (a customer’s) attention and some place over 10 contacts to get you to respond. There are several proven strategies used by online marketers to get your attention but each of those strategies include somewhere from 7-10 or more emails just to get your first response. And then, when you express interest, you progress to the next step in the sales funnel. And that continues until you don’t respond. Once that initial sales funnel is completed, online marketing strategy suggests to continue to reach back out to you nearly another 3-5 more times with other offers. And if you don’t chose to unsubscribe, you will probably receive each next offer and their 10 or more emails. And so on….

Here are few productivity tips to help you sort thru the many emails you are receiving and make the most of your time. As a high performance business consultant and leadership strategist – I teach productivity strategies including how to NOT getting lost in your email.

For more about that you can reach me “HERE”.

1) Do NOT open your email – first thing in the morning
That endless ability and almost addictive draw to go into the “consciousness ending” clicking can be very strong. Start your day out with some more productive efforts such as setting your “to do” list, getting in your morning exercise, engaging in creative efforts and getting to your 1-3 most important tasks for the day.

2) Designate 1-3 times a day, with limited time, to check your email
Limiting how often, and also limiting how long will keep you on a more productive path. Do you know you lose nearly 15 minutes an hour if you continuously check email? Switching from focused work and checking email nets you a loss of nearly 20% productivity from the start.

3) Sort your emails by importance and value
Here is a short suggested order:
– Emails you are awaiting in order to move forward on other key acitivites
– Emails that generate direct positive outcomes or revenue
– Pressing priorities

4) Delete SPAM
Delete emails that are better thought of as SPAM (surely pointless and meaningless) without opening.

And if you do find yourself, caught in the grip of the allure of your email or buried in your in box – don’t judge yourself. Kindly acknowledge you are there and reset to your most productive self. All of us find ourselves caught in our inbox on occasion.

These are not all the insider tips and productivity “how to’s”, but this is a good start

If you would like to talk with about these tips or to see if I can help you improve your productivity, “click here” to find a time that works for both of us.
For a copy of my 1 page productivity planner, simply CLICK HERE.

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