I wanted to share for those of you who missed this great interview with me and the ladies from this #1 Best Selling book.

The new book 365 Moments of Grace became an #1 International Bestseller in its first day June 21, 2016 in  7 categories!

Contributors from the Cincinnati region –  The Ladies of Grace” – were live on Waves sharing about their stories, what it is like to

be collaborating across the globe and the inspiration that led them to want to share a Moment of Grace – both in the book and on air.

This group on-air conversation can be heard by clicking here.

These fun-loving, soulful, beauties include Waves co-host Tara L. Robinson, Star Staubach, Amy Gage, Sophie Maya, Jen Flick, Carrie Kondor Butterfly, and Mary Meston.

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