Ever think about the importance of the thoughts you think, the words you use and the resulting actions you take?

Most of us have learned certain words are not “nice” words – you know those swear words! I grew up with a Southern born mother that had a bar of soap handy – so swear words were pretty far and few for me until I was out of the house. I did use the word DAMN – once – when I was a senior in high school.  It wasn’t a pleasant outcome – soap doesn’t taste all that great!

In addition, to those “not so nice words and phrases”, it is also important to be aware of the words we use every day that are negatively impact our thoughts, emotions and thus resulting behavior.  They don’t look, feel or sound “bad” at first use or even over a few uses. It is when they become your “go to” – they become our way of thinking, acting and being.

So, I thought I would share with you what I share with my VIP clients. Here is a short list of disempowering words, followed by some suggested better choices.These options empower your language and thus your mindset, your emotions and your actions.

I am (broke, sick, disabled) I am (resourceful, excited)
I’m not (ready) I am (as ready as I’ll ever be)
I can’t afford this How can I? (afford this)
I won’t, I’ll try I will
I don’t (have, want) I have (everything I need to)
I’m not ready I’m ready as ever
I feel (stuck, overwhelmed) I’m committed to (moving forward)
I’m not ready I’m ready as ever
I’m frustrated I’m excited about
I hate (marketing) I love (making a difference)
I’m not good at (technology) I’m willing to (learn)
I wish I had more I’m grateful for…..
I should I can, I will
I need to, have to I want to


Notice how subtle yet how significant the changes are?   Imagine the impact these small changes will make in your day, week, and life.

While it is great to learn and gain knowledge (you know I love that!) it is even more powerful to put this information to use. It is much more productive and effective to get some expert help to make the changes stick. And I would love to help you make the empowering words your “go to”!

Schedule a time to chat – so we can set you up for more empowerment today.

Or if you are already ready to take action – apply to be a member of my “Empowerment Circle” Mastermind.

Send me an email directly to me at MaryMeston@2Soarsolutions.com so I can include you ASAP.


P.S. 4 Words to Eliminate Today – for more positivity, more energy and more confidence.

P.P. S. A short story from the eyes of an 11 yr. old – on how you can change a “not so good situation” into one that is positive, uplifting and overall an awesome experience – go here.

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