Much like the game show – “WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?” – Life can be seen thru the eyes and strategies on this game show.   It provides a great strategy and way to look at how to deal with questions and challenges as they come up.

Think about it – you are able to do (in this case – answer) a series of increasingly difficult activities that help you progress towards your goal.  And in this case, it is to make a million.   Much like what many of us aim for in our vocations – is an income or wealth level.

We make that our target for many and mixed reasons ranging from the most essential of survival, safety and security.  (Think Maslow’s hierarchy.)  To fulfillment and then ultimately joy (self-actualization).  As we progress in our ability to clothe, house and feed ourselves and those we love – our desires migrate to finding more meaning and fulfillment in life.  For some, that is having a wonderful home, for others it is a series of possessions or experiences, and for others it is adventures, sports and others it can be family, friends and festivities.

In the quest for achieving whatever brings you fulfillment, you make a series of choices, educated guesses and often deploy one or more of the lifelines: 50/50, Ask the Audience and Phone a Friend. Many of us instinctively use the 50/50 by eliminating over half our options or choices based on life experience and knowledge. “Asking the Audience” is very much similar to when we follow or imitate what we see others or society doing.    But, the most effective lifeline, in my opinion and experience, for those most difficult questions, choices or steps is to “PHONE A FRIEND.”

Those friends are selected for their knowledge and expertise AND you phone the friend most likely to be able to help you – RIGHT?   So why not apply that strategy to your real life – and not just the time you are playing the game?

And while not every game show is a great foundation for living life -think LET’s MAKE A DEAL -just randomly choosing between options may get you the prize.  But more often than not, you get the “booby” prize.

To avoid getting yet another Booby prize or randomly making your next step, make PHONING A FRIEND your lifeline of choice.

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