You don’t quite know why you are “off”, you just know that you are.  AND you more often than not look for a reason or THE reason for WHY you are off, out of sorts or just not feeling your “normal” self.

I can rationalize the reason for my “off” day(s) like no other. Some of my favorite rationalizations are: change in weather, something I heard in the news, something I read on Facebook, not getting enough sleep, eating too late or any other number of rationalizations. And yes, any of those rationalizations can be true at various points in time.

But, there are still those days when it isn’t easy to find the “cause” nor is it important to know the cause. It isn’t required to have a reason, a rationalization or a justification. It is ok to just be off. What is more important is to ALLOW yourself to be and feel whatever is coming up for you. And to offer yourself compassion – SELF compassion.

For many of us, it is second nature to be compassionate, and to help others with physical, spiritual, or emotional hurts or pains. It is a trait of humanity. However, self-compassion is often more challenging for hard driving, high achieving, performance based entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners. This is not to say being “driven” mitigates your humanity, rather it takes a bit more mindfulness and awareness in the moment to show yourself compassion. And when you are driving and pushing, you are moving too quickly or are focused so deeply on what you are intending to achieve you miss the ques to slow down and allow yourself to be self-compassionate.

It is important to remember, everyone is inclined to compassion and more importantly to self-compassion. It takes awareness and a willingness to put aside any rationalizations, distractions and need/desire to keep pushing in the moment.

Any time you use or think the word “SHOULD”. STOP!!!  “Should” is a judgement and rarely is judgment positive.

Replace the “Should” with “I Love and Respect myself”.

Here are just a couple of the many ways you can practice self-compassion. After you STOP yourself from using the word “SHOULD”

  • Grab a journal and write down the thoughts, concerns, worries and self judgements running thru your mind. And then step away from the words, the thoughts and the judgements. By writing them down, you actually get them out of your head so you CAN put your thoughts and judgments at ease. And if you are inclined –I have actually done this – I put my self judgements on “post its… so I could crumple each one and enjoy throwing them into the garbage can.
  • Picture your younger self or your best friend – whichever comes to mind more easily. What would you say to a younger you or your best friend when they are having one of “THOSE” days?  Visualize the younger you, hearing words of compassion, care and concern.Visualize holding and giving a younger you, your best friend and yourself a loving hug.

For more help with compassion, showing yourself the respect and love you desire, or to discover how you can live your dream without rushing, pushing or judging – schedule a 1-1 private chat with me here.

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