In this video interview with Cyndie Silbert, Founder of Feminine Mastery and  I share my awakening to the importance of ALLOWING and how that is the route to creating your vision with less struggle, effort and disappointment.

Learn to find the easier way to achieve  goals, dreams and long held visions – and have it all!   Here are 3 steps to get you quickly on your way:

1) Stop pushing, trying or perfecting

2) Start seeing your dream realized rather than “making it happen” and

3) Begin practicing allowing and receiving guidance.

If this sounds too good to be true, a little far fetched or too easy then reach out to me here (insert link to calendar) and we can have a conversation where I show you how it can be EASIER than you expect.

“The 12 Minute A HA!”

Friend, podcastor and entrepreneur – Engel Jones – recently set out on a quest to conduct over 1500 12 minute conversations in 3 months recently. His quest demonstrated what you can accomplish in a short period of time with focus and determination as well as the value of a few great questions.

I was honored to be one of those 12 minute A HA’s!

Listen in as Engel asks me to share my youngest childhood memory and my favorite song when I was 12.  Wondering what those questions have to do with anything? I encourage you to listen (here)

Seemingly simple questions produce long awaited insights.

A lot can happen in a short conversation!