1 or 2 DAY Personal RETREATS

Maybe your dream is simple – to feel more fulfilled life without changing too much. Or maybe you want to shake it up a bit and really stretch. Whatever your dream, this retreat is a great way to start.

In these customized one- and two-day retreats, we create the space and opportunity for you to understand what is keeping your from soaring and help you create the plan and path to reach your dreams.

Leveraging the “2 Soar”™ process – a process for creating your life or business – we will help you clarify your path to freedom, joy and fulfillment by gaining true access to your most courageous and confident self.


7 Day Retreat – Revitalize

It often takes a change in PACE, SPACE AND PLACE ™ to allow you to envision all the opportunities available to you. In this retreat, we will take you out of your daily routine to a relaxing yet engaging location where you can experience all that is available to you.

During this week-long opportunity you will leave your daily routine of “have to”, “should” and “must” and experience a guided process of self-awareness, self-development and exploration for whatever the next best step is for you. You will leave this adventure with more energy and excitement to take action on your next steps.

Treat yourself – you deserve it!

More information is available by reaching out to info@2SoarSolutions.com.