Over the past few years, here has been a huge influx of providers into the personal development, coaching, entrepreneurial and on line guru industries.

Like any profession or business when it hits a surge of growth, where the chance for riches with ease seem to likely or – many “will jump” in to make that “easy buck”.  And with the movement back to authenticity – it shines a light on the profession and the professionals in it.

Here are few tips to help you sort thru the many personal development, entrepreneurial, and coaching professionals out there.  These tips are based on my years in coaching as well as from my years in recruitment and hiring.  I know from experience – when I was weighing the pros and cons to make the best hiring choice- determining the “CAN DO” and the “WILL DO” were a bit easier than the less quantifiable “FIT”.   

CAN DO (Knowledge/Ability) –

Does the coach/expert/professional bring the specific expertise for the goal(s) you wish to achieve?

For example, if you desire help on handling your primary relationship better – go to a coach that specializes in relationships.   While I can be a great ear and wonderful friend when talking with you about your primary relationships, I am not a relationship expert and I would refer you to someone that is.

WILL DO (Methodology/Process/Plan)

Does the coach/expert/professional use a well-defined and easily understood methodology?

Does the expert offer you a curriculum or overview of what they will be working through with you?  Just like in school, it makes sense to have a “lesson plan”.  For example, depending on the type of work I am doing with a client – I leverage 1 of 3 different accredited methodologies as the starting point for my coaching plan.  Why is this important?   With a defined methodology – there is both a proven process as well as it is less likely the coach will be just “flying by the seat of their pants”.

FIT (Does their approach, manner and personality feel right for you?

This is the least quantifiable criterion often the most difficult. My advice is to
ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable, get a sample session and then “trust your gut”.   If you feel there isn’t a match – move on.  For more information on coaching and trusting your gut .

GUARANTEE – Does the coach/expert/professional stand behind their work and do they have a proven track record of success?

Professionals (in the personal development field) often offer a performance and/or time banded guarantee ranging from 30, 60 to 180 day guarantee of satisfaction.  Performance based means you are actively engaged in the work, following through on commitments. Fully expect, if you don’t engage in the coaching nor do the work –you won’t see the positive results you are seeking.  So a performance based guarantee makes sense for both parties.

These are not all the insider tips and call outs, but this is a good start.  Just like picking a spouse, partner, business colleague, employee or best friend – take the time to find the right “expert” for you.

If you would like to talk with be about these tips or to see if I might be the right fit for you,  “click here” to find a time that works for both of us.

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